Burada Logistics is your partner on the ground
in Guyana, South America and the Caribbean.

If your company’s international expansion brings you to the borders of Guyana, Burada Logistics can expedite your plans with key partnership and critical execution.

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Burada Logistics is your complete logistics partner. Our team consists of Guyana’s foremost leader in logistics, transportation and warehousing. We have deep relationships with trade commissions and governmental bodies on the ground and in the boardroom. We are better connected, have stronger partnerships, and farther reach than any logistics firm in the region. We have the leadership, experience and expertise to deliver in Guyana and abroad.



It’s in our DNA. Our customer-centric approach to logistics strategy, planning and execution means we listen intently to your needs, first. We work closely with you to understand your business goals and deliver solutions that exceed your expectations, on time and on budget. At Burada our high standard of quality service is met when your customers feel like our customers.


Track Record

From Burada to abroad, we cut our teeth on logistics around the world. Burada is part of a global family of logistics services whose expertise has been codified and adapted to the realities of every country we operate in. All shipments are monitored, tracked and visible to our clients from pick-up through the final destination. Our local and international expertise will ensure that your company’s goods and services will get where they need to, when they need to.



Burada was created to help companies rapidly engage with Guyana’s burgeoning industry. We leverage our long-term relationships with industry leaders and regulators to cut red tape and fast-track movement of goods – we bring expertise and resources to bear with the Guyanese government and key stakeholders in planning and developing their network of roads, infrastructure and systems to support the growth of your business.



Through our network partners that comprise the GO Integrated Group of Companies, we can facilitate the logistical planning, service and movement of goods in the America’s and abroad. The group represents a depth and breadth of logistical, transportation, leasing, real estate and financial services with expertise in “All things Logistics”.



At Burada, we are always working to maximize efficiencies when it comes to distribution and delivery throughout our network. This is why our clients enjoy the most competitive rates and know that their goods will arrive intact and on time.


Peace of mind. Burada Logistics provides the roadmap and the vehicle for your expansion into Guyana. We have an intimate understanding of how things are done in Guyana and are here to create a seamless logistical integration for the distribution of your company’s goods and services. From entry at port or air terminal, we ensure all customs forms are in proper order through the final mile delivery.

Transportation of large and essential equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The country’s discoveries of large oil reserves have led to an economic boom and drive to modernize Guyana’s infrastructure to create seamless movement of materials. We are paving the way for the efficient and reliable movement of your cargo with an eye to benefiting you and the Guyanese resident in equal measure.

Large oil rig in the sea with incoming barges
Airline staff approaching a large airplane on the tarmac

Contracts, purchasing and logistics management in Guyana.

From travel and immigration to documentation and licenses, Burada will make sure every detail is attended to on the road to establishing your company’s presence in Guyana.


International Supply Chain Management.

The complexity involved in tracking the flow of goods and services in a foreign country can be daunting. Managing this process to maximize efficiencies and profitability for our clients is the business of Burada Logistics. Tell us your requirements, and we will create a plan that will simplify the supply chain for your company.

We bring transparency to the process so our clients have the visibility and oversight to make critical decisions in a timely manner.

People loading onto a docked barge with cars and vans
Salmon brick neo-Classical Parliament Building in Georgetown, Guyana, with cannon on the lawn

Is your company planning to expand into Guyana?

Every country has its own operational and regulatory nuances. Burada Logistics has established connections with all levels of government to help your company navigate Guyana’s regulations and support your company’s expansion into Guyana.



With our global network of logistics and supply chain specialists, Burada Logistics delivers the expertise required to give our customers the operational and cost advantages to succeed in Guyana.

A visual breakdown of cargo and goods arriving at ports via various modes of transportation A visual breakdown of cargo and goods arriving at ports via various modes of transportation


Our partners in Guyana and across the globe are here to support the growth of your business and strengthen your Guyanese connections. We are proud to partner with the following organizations.

The Canada Guyana Chamber of Commerce

This non-partisan institution promotes and facilitates investment and trade between Guyana and Canada. As the go-to support for trade and investment between Canada and Guyana, the Canada- Guyana Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) strengthens relationships within the business communities and creates awareness of mutual opportunities for growth.

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With global expertise in getting things done across borders, countries and industries, Burada Logistics merges partnership with infrastructure to support both businesses and the country of Guyana on the global economic stage.

Our full-service logistics services simplify your work abroad and at home. Contact us to learn how Burada Logistics can bolster your company’s next project in Guyana

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